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ARTISAN BIRD FEED: Capricot Crumble

5 Feminised Seeds, 70 Day Photoperiod


Capricot x Frosted Apricots


This one is for the apricot fans. Apricot strains are hard to come by and quite often the flavor profiles land towards peaches and nectarines with some specimens showing the true apricot terpenes. With this particular work, careful attention was paid to the terpene profile and only true apricot scented specimens were used through the inbreeding cycle to focus on the flavor profile.


The results speak for themselves and these plants of medium to large stature produce heavily frosted flowers that provide the apricot scented terpenes in a high percentage of phenotypes.


Plants grow fast and vigorous and can use staking in the vegetative period as well as blossom support in later stages.


Intense colors can be obtained in any post harvest processing application for this strain, from deep oranges to golden and on some occasions even bright yellow extracts of the finest quality.


Note: Feminised seeds produce 99.9% female flowers in almost 100% of any tested population. A small percentage of individuals may show intersex traits during photoperiod change or late stage bloom and this is considered a normal trait of some feminised lines.

ARTISAN BIRD FEED: Capricot Crumble

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