Green Octane

63 - 70 Days Photoperiod, 5 Feminised Seeds


Green Octane is the product a special cut of Green Spirit (BC Big Bud x Skunk #1) from our friends in Canada, mated with a reversed Sour Diesel Inbred Line female (from 2010) as the pollen donor.  This hybrid is close to 50/50 indica/sativa and produces chunky buds with a octane (petrol) like aroma with notes of spice and cherry. It is a fast growing plant that does very well with training and topping and will easily fill out a space as a multi topped bush. The clusters are large and fragrant and the yields are exceptionally high due to the BC Big Bud/ Skunk #1 heritage.  Flavor wise expect a gassy octane experience, full gas with notes of cherry and spice on the palate. The effect is cerebral with a medium couchlock, making this a good strain for lazy afternoons and streaming binges, where you want to be relaxed, but not energised or full couchlocked, retaining the ability to focus while experiencing a relaxing whole of body sensation.  Great for catching a show or movie.

Green Octane - 5 Feminised Seeds