• ARTISAN BIRD FEED: Hedgemoney



    63 Day Photoperiod, 5 Feminised Seeds


    Hedgemoney is a creation made with a favourite in many circles in Canada, known as Critical Super Silver Haze. This was interwoven with a productive hybrid of Critical Mass and Gorilla Glue #4, to create a poly hybrid that can reproduce the sought after characteristics of its heritage. In particular, trichome production and flower weight are the most common characteristics across multiple phenotypes. The chemotype and terpene profile tends to lean towards significant amounts of mycrene.  Pressed yields are in the high twenties.


    Note: Feminised seeds produce 99.9% female flowers in almost 100% of any tested population. A small percentage of individuals may show intersex traits during photoperiod change or late stage bloom and this is considered a normal trait of some feminised lines.