• ARTISAN BIRD FEED: Immaculata

    SKU: IMF


    56 - 63 days Photoperiod, 5 Feminised Seeds


    This hybrid is bred from the Reservoir Seeds Sour Diesel In Bred Line and the original God Bud, from British Columbia (Jordan of the Islands). God Bud usually produces short statured plants, however in this project, a larger specimen was used as the seed bearer, to receive pollen from a select Sour Diesel IBL that was reversed. The offspring are nothing less than stunning, producing medium large sized plants that produce dense clusters of highly aromatic flowers. The plants respond well to training and topping. The flavor notes are toasted cinnammon to gas, while some sweeter phenos in between can be observed. The floral clusters are abundantly covered in trichomes with an impressive density, making this a high quality flower in terms of usable cannabinoids. As the phenotypes can lean towards mainly indica, the effects of this strain, while soaring at first due to the Sour Diesel, can settle into a more relaxed and serene experience as time progresses.  However, some of the Sour Diesel leaning phenos can be a more intense experience end to end. 


    Note: Feminised seeds produce 99.9% female flowers in almost 100% of any tested population. A small percentage of individuals may show intersex traits during photoperiod change or late stage bloom and this is considered a normal trait of some feminised lines.