ARTISAN BIRD FEED: Mendocino Express
  • ARTISAN BIRD FEED: Mendocino Express


    Mendocino Express

    5 Feminised Seeds, 70 Day Photoperiod


    Mendo Montage was the  reversal used in this line, on to a highly productive clone only Trainwreck specimen that we brought with us from Norcal to Oklahoma.  Offspring are large robust plants that produce the iconic conical shape if left to themselves outdoors. Indoor, these ladies require a reasonable amount of training and space to ensure their canopy does not become unmanageable. Significant yields and a spicy, pine-fuel terpene profile are the major notables of this variety. The variety can be post harvest processed for a myriad of applications given its unique terpene profile and it is certainly not limited to frozen or solvent based processes. Given the tenacity of terpenes in this variety some brands have opted to use this variety for products in the beverage industry.


    Note: Feminised seeds produce 99.9% female flowers in almost 100% of any tested population. A small percentage of individuals may show intersex traits during photoperiod change or late stage bloom and this is considered a normal trait of some feminised lines.