ARTISAN BIRD FEED: Pure Humboldt Trainwreck
  • ARTISAN BIRD FEED: Pure Humboldt Trainwreck


    Pure Humboldt Trainwreck

    63 Day Photoperiod, 5 Feminised Seeds


    A mainstay of the Emerald Traingle, Pure Humboldt Trainwreck brings together Mexican, Thai and Afghan to produce a sativa leaning hybrid of epic proportions. This lady likes to stretch her limbs and she needs quite a bit of space and support, especially near the end of her cycle. She produces stunning flowers which are richly encrusted in trichomes. Aroma wise, she can range from lemon lime, to pinewood to earthy, along with strong hints of pepper from the abundance of the terpene caryophyllene that she produces. She is cerebral without too much body and her flowers produce a rich silky rosin that can look like silver or platinum. Her pressed yields are mid to high twenties. She is a stunner, that is for sure.


    Note: Feminised seeds produce 99.9% female flowers in almost 100% of any tested population. A small percentage of individuals may show intersex traits during photoperiod change or late stage bloom and this is considered a normal trait of some feminised lines.