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Whatever you call them, marijuana seeds, weed seeds, dope seeds - even ganja seeds - Kanga Seeds Australia has you covered. If you are seeking the best cannabis seeds in Australia, then you have come to the right place.

Kanga Seeds has the most unique cannabis seed selection in Australia - Kanga Seeds stocks exclusive cannabis strains that you cannot find elsewhere in the world. Kanga Seeds carry a variety of cannabis genetics that are unparalleled in their quality and uniqueness.


What are feminized cannabis seeds? Feminized seeds have been produced in a way that means that a normally female plant produces pollen which is then used on another female plant. The resulting seeds only produce female cannabis plants from seed and have a very low chance of hermaphroditic traits. Read our informational blog on how to best avoid hermaphrodites when using feminized seeds.

If you only want only feminized cannabis seeds then you have found the best cannabis seeds site in Australia for feminized seeds. Check out our shop and browse our unique collection.


Normally, marijuana plants produce what are called regular seeds. Regular seeds have two sexes - meaning some seeds are male and some seeds are female. While these seeds are useful for certain situations, for many people they often end up wasting time and space as unnecessary and useless male plants are produced from regular seeds. The most well informed enthusiasts prefer not waste time, money and space on regular seeds and instead opt for feminized seeds which produce female ganja plants.

When you are shopping for the best feminized seeds in Australia, make sure you have a good look at our unique collection of feminized seeds.


What are autoflowering seeds? Autoflowering seeds were first created back in the late 90's using Cannabis Ruderalis, a low potency cannabis variety which is native to parts of the former soviet union. Autoflowering varieties produce their flowers without any change in the light cycle. While autoflowering cannabis does have applications, there are many limitations associated with autoflowering seeds. Autoflowering plants are often smaller in size, potency and yield than their photoperiod counterparts. It's very difficult to predict the end size of autoflowering cannabis genetics.

For those reasons, the most well informed collectors focus feminized photoperiod seeds. Shop the best photoperiod feminized seeds in Australia by clicking the link below.


When people look for fast flowering marijuana seeds they often look for something called a photo fast strain. These are always photoperiod cannabis strains and can come in regular and feminized varieties. Some people say that these cannabis seeds are made by crossing autoflowers to regular photoperiod cannabis. While this may or may not be true, the main goal of using these seeds is to produce a yield in the shortest amount of time.

If you are looking for shorter flower time photoperiod feminized cannabis seeds, then check through our listings as here at Kanga Seeds we often have some premium short flower time genetics that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.


Marijuana plants produce compounds called cannabinoids which have been associated with different applications. There are two primary cannabinoids, one is THC the other is CBD. Some enthusiast weed seed collectors seek CBD producing dope seeds to add to their collection. CBD producing strains are prized for their lack of intoxication effects. Many medical cannabis patients seek CBD from their medical professionals for reasons specific to them.

If you are looking for CBD seeds then feel free to browse our catalog of feminized photoperiod seeds.


Kanga Seeds has access to the best cannabis genetics on this planet. Whether its strains based on well known historical marijuana landraces or whether it's the latest and greatest poly-hybrid cannabis strains made by some of the most well known breeders on Earth, we have you covered. Check individual listings to learn about lineages and which breeders they come from. You'll find that we have genetics that come from the highest quality pedigree.

When you are looking for the absolute best in premium feminized cannabis seeds then look no further, click the shop link below and have a browse of the best cannabis seeds in Australia.


Kanga Seeds has the best marijuana seeds in Australia, with any varieties to choose from. Whatever your collection needs are, we have you covered with the best weed seeds in Australia. These seeds aren't what you would call "white label" - rather they are unique and exclusive to Kanga Seeds and you wont find these weed seeds anywhere else in the world. People from all over the world seek the strains that Kanga Seeds have as exclusives.

You can click the shop button below to view the most unique cannabis seeds available online in Australia. It's easy to order, just add the seeds you need to your cart and complete the checkout process. It's an easy process to order and make payment and receive your seeds promptly with an Australia Post tracking number.


Click on one of the SHOP NOW links and check out the catalog. Choose the marijuana seeds that you require from the catalog of unique and premium feminized cannabis seeds. Add all the weed seeds you need to your cart. Complete the checkout process. Once you have completed the checkout process be sure to check your email for payment instructions. Once payment is received your order will be dispatched promptly by our team and you will receive your Australia Post tracking number.  You will receive the seeds you ordered, delivered by Australia Post within 2-7 business days. It's safe to order as you are ordering within Australia. You don't need to worry about customs or international tracking or lost orders because Kanga Seeds ship from Australia.

So what are you waiting for? Buy premium feminized seeds in Australia today.


For some great reading about cannabis seeds head over to our blog where you can learn some great tips and techniques as well as read some interesting articles about cannabis and it's history in Australia and the world. Learn about cannabis seeds from across the globe. From how to guides to weed and marijuana history, there is plenty of cannabis content for you to enjoy when reading and researching about marijuana seeds past, present and future. Check out some of the guides and they may help you solve some of the most common problems faced by cannabis enthusiasts today. Read some cannabis history to get a perspective of how marijuana has evolved over generations and where it is today.

Or if you prefer you can head to our shop by clicking the link below.

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