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The Best Cannabis Seeds In Australia - A History

Updated: Jun 11

cannabis seeds australia

The Best Cannabis Seeds in Australia - A History

Let's face it, in these modern times there is a huge interest in high quality weed seeds across Australia. Australians are after quality pot seeds at reasonable prices and Australians make a lot of effort to find premium marijuana seeds withing the country.

History of Cannabis Seeds in Australia

Historically, going back to pre-colonization, there were no dope seeds in Australia. The Aboriginal people were not known to have ever come into contact with marijuana or hemp in Australia before the Europeans brought hemp seeds to Australian shores for the first time in history.

Cannabis Seeds on the First Fleet to Australia and the 1800s

In larger quantities hemp seeds arrived in Australia with the first fleet. In those days having access to these seeds in Australia was very important because cannabis was cultivated in Australia for rope and other materials. 

Indeed the rope used on many ships in the colonial era was made from hemp grown from those hemp seeds. In Australia, due to the remoteness of the continent and the fact that the country was only accessible by sailing ship hemp seeds were an important resource to ensure that plants could be grown from those hemp seeds in Australia to provide the necessary fibre for the rope required by ships sailing  to and from Australia.

Hemp seeds were planted across Australia freely for almost 150 years after the arrival of the first fleet.

Cannabis Seeds in Australia in the early 1900s

Planting marijuana seeds in Australia started to become outlawed in the 1920s after the League of Nations and the United Kingdom decided that planting weed seeds should be outlawed. As Australia followed the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth of Australia outlawed the planting of pot seeds in Australia at the commonwealth level in the late 1920s.

Over a period of almost 35 years, planting dope seeds in Australia was outlawed state by state until growing marijuana was outlawed across Australia.

Australians however had other ideas and they continued to plant mj seeds across Australia. Australians love marijuana and having the best pot seeds in Australia. Australians are known to be very passionate about having the best dope seeds throughout the modern history of the nation and we will see below how they went to great lengths to get those seeds.

Cannabis Seeds in Australia in the early 1900s

From the 1930s to the 1960s weed seeds were still around in Australia. Marijuana seeds were grown in every state and territory by Australians who had a passion for the pot seeds they were growing in Australia.

Eradication of marijuana was not a government priority in those days as the use of hemp had totally ceased so it wasn't being farmed and marijuana growers and users were not especially obvious in the society of those days. Only in the 1960s did weed use become far more prevalent in Australia.

Cannabis Seeds in Australia in the 1960s

In the 1960s just like all over the rest of the western world, there was a cultural change in Australia where the baby boomers born in the post war period were in their teens and early 20s. These people loved recreational marijuana use as they were involved deeply in the peace and hippie culture of the day.

In those days these youngsters often traveled to Asia in search of spiritual enlightenment and they would travel from Australia to south Asia, south east Asia and the middle east and when they returned they would bring their favorite marijuana seeds to Australia.

Then they would grow those dope seeds in Australia and whether they intended or not they would almost always reproduce those same ganja seeds in Australia from the plants they grew from the weed seeds they brought to the land down under from those far flung places overseas.

Some amazing cannabis genetics found in mj seeds in Australia today may date back to those great pot seeds that were brought to Australia in those days.

Cannabis Seeds in Australia in the 1970s

Still, Australians yearned for even more diversity in weed they had access to in Australia. In the 1970s Australia started seeing a lot of marijuana from places like Papua New Guinea and these pot seeds were highly sought after in Australia.

Many enthusiasts continued to travel globally in their hunt for quality weed seeds to bring back to Australia. Whether it was Mexico or the Congo or maybe even Morocco many Australians continued to go out of their way to bring the best dope seeds to 'Straya in the 1970s.

Australians love dope seeds and their passion and enthusiasm to have the best marijuana seeds in the world just never wanes.

Cannabis Seeds in Australia in the 1980s

This passion continued in the 1980s when Aussies continued to have domestic weed production which produced most of the weed seeds in Australia in that decade. There were many amateur growers growing marijuana from seeds in the nation during the 80s and many plantations were put in by farmers themselves who planted m seeds in empty paddocks or bush bordering them across the great southern land.

Many of these crops went to maturity and dope seeds would often wash down into creeks and rivers and end up deposited on banks where in certain favorable conditions these cannabis seeds would sprout at random locations across the vast Australian nation.

People would discover these wild populations and if they were so inclined they would harvest wild pot seeds in Australia from such plants. They would share these ganja seeds across Australia with their friends and then the cycle would start again where these shared marijuana seeds would be grown across the great southern land. And on and on it went.

Cannabis Seeds in Australia in the 1990s

In the 1990s there was a hydroponic revolution in the land down under and many people in Oz were interested in weed seeds for a hydroponic system, Many of these people sought dope seeds from The Netherlands in the 1990s as The Netherlands had marijuana seeds that were suitable for hydroponics in Australia.

Cannabis Seeds in Australia in the 2000s to Today

From the 2000s and onward many people still want the best marijuana seeds in Australia. Australians just can’t get enough of the best pot seeds. They always want the best there is.

Many Australians soon adopted the internet and perhaps this was the time when the most variety in the best dope seeds in Australia was reached and the evolution continues to this day as people chase down the best weed seeds in Australia with fervor.

Across the whole of Oz, whether it’s indica or sativa people in Australia are always after the best ganja seeds in the world. People continue to want the absolute best when it comes to dope seeds in Australia and this trend which has been around since the first fleet is never going to change.

The more time that passes the more people in Australia will be interested in acquiring the best marijuana seeds that they can get. Adults, now of many different backgrounds across the nation will continue this long term trend present in the country to obtain the most premium pot seeds that they deem suitable for them.


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